Polish refers to the level of smoothness from the surface defects of a diamond created from polishing. Excellent to good grades or not visible the naked eye. Only sever defects may affect light pattens as light rays enter and exit the diamond.


Symmetry refers to the alignment and intersections of the facets on the diamond. Symmetry can affect the diamond's brilliance as it may redirect light rays.


The depth percentage of a diamond is the distance between the culet and table. It is calculated by dividing the width of the diamond by the depth. Depth proportions can affect the brilliance of a diamond due to the angles of light rays reflected within the diamond.


Some diamonds may emit blue light when exposed to UV rays. The presence of fluorescence will not affect the colour of a diamond as much as other factors may.


Table is the largest flat facet when viewed from the top of the diamond measured in percentage. The table refracts light rays entering through the pavilion angle to the observer. Table percentage is calculated by dividing the table diameter by the average girdle diameter.

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