Nothing fits better than something designed especially for you. And that’s what you get with a custom designed VAHÉ piece.

Beautiful keepsakes that you can treasure for years to come.

Do you have a specific style in mind? Are there aspects of several different styles that you like, but no single ring, necklace or bracelet feels quite right? Realise your vision with our Creative Custom Design Service. You will have full control of the creative outcome from the outset, empowered by the technical expertise and visual design skills of our GIA Expert Jewellery Designers.

1. Inspiration

Collect your favourite photos and design inspiration to help us get a clear understanding of your artistic vision. Next, the details. Complete the form below, including the material, stone and setting you have set your heart on. Attach two images* and get ready to embark on this journey of creation.

Thought starters:
What type of jewellery do you wish to make? E.g. Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace etc.
Which type of stones would you like to use? E.g. Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby etc.
What type of material do you prefer? E.g. Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold etc.

2. Conversation

A Vahe Jewellery representative will contact you within 24-48 hours to follow-up and gather more information about your specific ideas and needs. This is where that collage of images comes in – the more clarity you can provide regarding design visuals, the better equipped our representative will be to fulfil your dreams.

3. Quote and payment

Quotes are based on the custom specifications in your request. It will reflect the price of the material (precious metals and gemstones) and the labour (design, cast, polish, set, finish, and quality check) needed for the creation and production of the piece. If you are satisfied with the quote provided, a representative will advise you on the next steps and payment options.

4. Design and production

We will plan, create, and design your ideas with state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software to ensure that all measurements are accurate and to your specifications. Manufacturing will begin immediately once the design is complete. This process typically takes up to 3-4 weeks. Although we do our best to create custom jewellery in a timely manner, our number one priority is quality.

5. Shipment and delivery

Upon completion of your piece, quality inspection and receipt of payment, we will ship your finished piece of jewellery to you.

6. Ongoing care

At VAHÉ, we are committed to helping you look after your jewellery so that it remains a precious keepsake forever. Contact us any time for cleaning and maintenance.

Custom Design Process Enquiry

You may select a photo from your computer, tablet or phone and upload here.
You may select a second photo from your computer, tablet or phone and upload here.