Eternity rings

Eternity rings

Just as your engagement and wedding rings have similar but distinct meanings – your engagement ring for promise, your wedding ring for commitment – an eternity ring represents your everlasting love and devotion to your spouse.

Why -

Eternity rings are frequently used as wedding anniversary rings, and are given to commemorate a milestone such as the first anniversary, fifth anniversary, tenth anniversary, or twentieth anniversary. And diamond eternity rings are a popular way to commemorate a child's birth and the never-ending circle of life.

When -

Eternity rings are typically given to mark a significant milestone in a relationship, such as a special wedding anniversary or the birth of a new child. Stick to the traditional anniversary calendar and purchase an eternity ring to commemorate specific years in your marriage.


Wear the eternity ring on top of your engagement and wedding bands. The eternity ring is traditionally worn directly above the engagement ring, which is often worn above the wedding band on your left ring finger. The engagement ring is in the centre of the stack in this arrangement.

What -

An eternity ring represents two people's never-ending love. From a design point of view, an eternity ring usually consists of a continuous band of diamonds or other precious gems. Although there is no set rule for when someone should receive an eternity ring, they typically mark a significant milestone in a couple's life.

What do eternity rings look like?

Eternity rings are typically a diamond-set band. While many eternity rings have stones set all the way around the band, many people prefer rings with stones set along the face and sides of the ring, which allows for greater comfort and resizing if necessary. Because an eternity ring represents just that – eternity – and is something you'll wear for the rest of your life, the most important aspect of selecting your ring is that it's something you truly love. As a result, many people choose rings with unique designs or bands that are different in shape to create a look that is unique to them and complements their wedding and engagement rings.


Choose an eternity ring design that is similar in width to the engagement ring. We create a perfectly matched eternity or wedding ring where shoulder diamonds exist in the engagement ring. The diamonds in eternity bands should complement each other not only in colour and clarity, but also in cut and overall appearance.