Jewellery Re-modelling

You may have received jewellery as a gift at some point, but wished it was different. If this is the case, you may want to transform older, unwanted or inherited jewellery into something you like. Remodelling is only possible when working with skilled experts - VAHE Jewellery remodelling services leads the field by a wide margin. We invite you to come in for an obligation-free design appointment: we'll discuss the type of piece you would like and plan a piece that fits your taste and budget. VAHE Jewellery can remodel existing pieces of jewellery or even use a collection of broken pieces to make something entirely new. Are there any pieces of jewellery you dislike for any reason? Unwanted jewellery is usually thrown away in a box. At VAHE Jewellery, we strongly believe in jewellery remodelling as a fantastic way to refresh your cherished piece.

Before Re-modelling

We are removing the customer's diamonds from the settings so that we can measure them individually and weigh the metal to see what we are dealing with. In the event that we do not have enough diamonds or gemstones to complete a design, we can always source more.
Jewellery Remodelling

CAD Design Process

Using our interactive CAD design process, you can see what your new design will look like before it is made. Working closely with our jewelers, you will be part of this process.
Jewellery Remodelling

After Re-Modelling

In addition to re-cycling all of the customer's old diamonds and gold, we decided to add a few black diamonds too.

Jewellery Remodelling Enquiry

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