Tips for choosing what Jewellery to wear

Tips for choosing what Jewellery to wear

Jewellery is an important part of complementing your overall look. The wrong jewellery can also significantly detract from your overall appearance. Wearing too little jewellery can also make you appear too simple, plain, or underdressed. Wearing too much jewellery, on the other hand, can draw unwanted attention and completely change your appearance. As a result, when wearing jewellery as part of your daily attire or for any occasion, you must keep certain jewellery etiquettes in mind. Some of the most important etiquette rules to follow in order to maintain a classy and elegant demeanour are as follows :

Use caution when layering jewellery.

One of the most important rules for wearing jewellery correctly is to layer it carefully. The fun of jewellery is that you can mix and match it however you want. However, it is critical to maintain balance and elegance when mixing jewellery pieces. Mix short and long necklaces together while keeping the neckline in mind. Also, mix chunky and thin bracelets to achieve a balanced and beautiful look.

Go for a single eye-catching piece

It is critical to choose one statement piece and keep the rest of the jewellery pieces understated. If you intend to wear a heavy necklace, avoid wearing earrings or opt for a simple pair of studs. Also, if you plan to wear statement earrings to an evening party, avoid wearing a necklace. Instead, pair the earrings with some nice, sleek bracelets. You can also complement the statement earring with a bold two or three stone diamond ring to complete your look.

Accessorise based on the occasion

It is critical to accessorise appropriately for the occasion. Wear minimal jewellery as part of your everyday attire. When it comes to office wear, avoid large,expensive pieces. As part of formal attire, keep it simple with a sleek bracelet, a pair of diamond studs, or a diamond chain. Diamonds are typically thought of as a nighttime piece, except as part of an engagement or wedding ring, but this depends on the piece and size you select. Before purchasing jewellery, consider where you are going, the event you are attending, and the dress code.

Pull out your pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones that are appropriate for the occasion if it is a formal event. Make an effort not to overpower your appearance with jewellery. If you want to go for an oversized piece, don't do it for more than one. Wear one statement piece and keep the rest of your jewellery simple.

In an office setting, it is always preferable to wear a pair of studs that complement your outfit. Small hoops or diamond studs are a better choice if your office is more creative and less conservative. Larger earrings are acceptable in some places, but avoid ones that are overly flashy or make a lot of noise. Wearing stacked bracelets with dangling danglers that make noises can also annoy the person sitting next to you.

For parties, try to stick to one stunning piece rather than a plethora of them, so that your personality isn't overshadowed by the jewellery. If you like the sound of jingling bangles and bling, now is the time to go all out.

Mix metals the right way

When selecting jewellery for a special occasion, it is important to pay attention to the metals you want to combine. Mixing metals is a good way to elevate your look because it gives you the contemporary stylish look you've been looking for. Platinum and diamond can be combined, as can white gold and platinum, but yellow and white gold should not be combined. Wearing a silver bracelet with a gold necklace can ruin your entire look. In short, metals of a similar colour work well together but metals of different colours can clash.

Match jewelry pieces wisely

In the evening, try to wear matching jewellery sets. Matching jewellery sets can be very attractive if they are properly matched. If you are unable to match it correctly, keep it simple and do not overdo it. Earrings can be matched to rings, but matching a heavy necklace with a heavy pair of earrings is a no-no! You must select pieces that complement one another and give you a cohesive look. When matching a jewellery set, try to use the same metal and stones.

Take care of your nails

A statement ring always adds the finishing touch to an outfit. If you have a bold one or three stone diamond ring on your finger, it is obvious that people will notice your nails as well. As a result, you must create a balanced look while also ensuring that your nails are clean and polished. A manicure every now and then will keep your nails in good condition. If you decide to go with colour on your nails, stick to simple muted tones that compliment the colour of your ring.

These are some of the most important etiquette rules to remember when getting dressed up for a special occasion.